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              1. | 中文


                两件式闭口造口袋 (粘粘式)

                NO.: 4018、4019


                Product NoSizeProduct Featurepcs/boxboxes/case
                401850mm   1. Adhesive design makes it much easier to use.
                   2. Soft, and will not influence the normal activity.
                20 pcs/box  20 boxes/case
                401960mm20 pcs/box20 boxes/case


                  1. Clear the skin around the stoma with tepid water or saline.


                   6. Remove the pouch by nipping the tab on the ring.


                   2. Cut the hole on the skin barrier according to the stoma size
                       and shape.


                  7. When taking off the skin barrier, press the skin with one 
                       hand and remove the skin barrier by the other hand
                       gentlly. If it is difficult, put some tepid water on for 
                       minutes and then remove the skin barrier.

                  3. Put the gauza on the stoma to prevent the exudates from
                      outflow during sticking of skin barrier.








                  1. Before sticking hydrocolloid skin barrier, make sure 
                      that the skin around the stoma is dry and clean. It is
                      better to make the skin around the stoma smooth
                      before using the ostomy bag and press the skin
                      barrier for minutes to enhance the adhesive ability.

                  2. Please shave the hair if there is too much hair
                      around the stoma, or the ostomy bag can not stick
                      well on the skin andfolliculitis will occur.

                  3. Please only clean the stoma from inside to outside 
                      with lukewarm water, do not use disinfector,soap or
                      greasy detergent.
                  4. The hole of skin barrier should be 1-1.5mm bigger
                       than the stoma, otherwise bleeding of mucous
                       membrane or skin maceration will be caused.

                  5. If there is swelling for the ostomy bag, there is too
                      much intestinal gas inside the bag, please make
                 some small pinholes one the bag and add active
                      carbon filter.

                  6. The ostomy bag should be stored in dry room with
                       temperature of 15-25℃, it should not be stored in
                       more than 40℃ environment, moist area or

                  7. Please put the ostomy bag into clean bag and 
                       throw it into dustbin. Please do not throw it into the
                       toilet directly.

                  4. Peel off the release paper on skin barrier, put the skin barrier
                      on the stoma area with two hands, press the skin barrier from
                      bottom up to make it stick on the skin flatly.



                  5. Put the plastic ring on the skin barrier buckle ring, and press
                      the toothing with fingers from bottom up. The audible click
                      confirms the attachment of skin barrier to pouch. Pull the
                      pouch to check whether it is safe.